About Us


The International Forum for Engineering and Research Professionals (IFERP) stands as a beacon in the realm of fostering academic and research excellence. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation, IFERP serves as a dynamic platform that brings together researchers, academicians, and industry experts from around the world. Established with the vision of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, IFERP organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars that provide a vibrant space for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of cutting-edge research.

About Academic Partner University

The academic partner university actively contributes to the conference by supporting the review process, guiding the selection of keynote speakers, and lending its institutional credibility to the proceedings. This collaboration strengthens the academic foundation of the ICRTMDR conference, fostering an environment where participants can benefit from the university's resources, faculty expertise, and research facilities.

Through the partnership with Academic Partner University, the ICRTMDR conference gains access to a network of scholars, researchers, and students who embody the spirit of academic inquiry. The university's commitment to multidisciplinary research aligns with the overarching objectives of the conference, enhancing its impact and providing attendees with a holistic and enriching academic experience.

Mission & Vision

Mission : “Upskilling the knowledge hub through technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”

Vision : “A Digitally equipped robust, dynamic & swift professional community integrating academics & industry for upgraded technical knowledge implementation.”


IFERP believes that there is always a better way to treat the professionals by providing them a world class stage by organizing conferences. We are committed to doing the following activities:-

We encourage convenient access to academic resources and support for all the aspirants and research scholors in urban and rural areas.

IFERP organizes public education programmes, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Short Term Training Programme, Faculty Development programme in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology.

IFERP is dedicated to inquisitiveness, innovations and recent trends and developments in the field of Engineering & Technology.

IFERP believes in knowledge sharing by collaborating with other Universities, organizations/Associations, to bring a better tomorrow.